• move up out of your mind and dance


    words stirring in the origination of reality - the birth of stars - feel the heat blasting elements forth as sub-atomic particles collide with every movement - new solidity sparks in the micro passage of time - senses observe a constant - difficult to know the difference between yourself and the world you live in - it is the view that changes the cadence of your breath to awe

spiral slope prismatic jet propulsion - electronic and digitized environmental flow with dream plate tectonics
stellar winds blow a marvelous display of clouds swirling an all-inclusive profile of mind and this life loosens onward

iNTIMACY.. sEXUALITY.. Euphoria.. tOUCH.. hEAL.. listEN.. trusT.. speak from hEART.. optimize potentiAL.. roll poetiC.. SEduce.. Admit want.. eXPOSE need.. tRANSCEND fAMILIAR.. corrode convention.. dRAW forth image.. be the source.. provide meaning.. give substance.. integrity.. contrition.. deliberation.. reconciliation.. establish some compassion.. discuss role of acquaintance.. how we can live up to and maintain.. relax.. tHERE IS NO PRESENT LAW.. we create this relationship on spot.. will be as we choose.. only reality.. tHAT we impose and empower.. we are the truth.. absolute authorities.. pHYSICALLY.. EMOtIONALLY.. Mentally.. Spiritually.. of our lives.. nothing left to chance.. it is all simple decisions and agreements.. mutual desire.. hOPE.. Dream.. AMbition.. purpose.. support and understanding.. hERE for US.. Available.. WIlling and readY.. condUCting quiescent flOW.. WIth fine soothing precision

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I Had One

I Had One
shine brightly through the night your light